Top Benefits of Commercial Waste Paper Recycling

Get the Benefit of a Managed Waste Program

All commercial businesses generate some form of paper waste.  Often, it just goes into trash containers to be carted off to the nearest landfill. There may be some sorting involved, but it is usually minimal, and not part of a managed and audited program. Many companies would be surprised at the variety of waste they really produce if they analyzed it. It is entirely possible that one could find everything from cardboard and chipboard, to mixed paper, multi-wall bags, office paper, newspaper, packing material and more. Properly managed, a lot of waste streams cannot only save on haulage expenses but may be valuable as recyclable material, enough to generate a revenue stream. The key to proper waste management is to bring in an expert like Evergreen/Sunbright. They have a five-step process that can optimize commercial waste streams to minimize cost and maximize any revenue opportunities. Evergreen/Sunbright will customize their services to fit the customers’ needs using a straightforward process. 

The Evergreen process

Evergreen/Sunbright has a simple five-step program that has reliably, over the years, delivered results for their customers. When you sign-on with Evergreen, this is what you can expect from a company that is dedicated to transparency, communication, and successful results for their customers. 

Identify waste opportunities

As mentioned above, there is a wide variety of paper waste that typically gets generated by any company. Some of it is a result of their own operations. For example, a manufacturer that receives a lot of daily shipments will have a lot of packaging material to dispose of. Other companies may receive a lot of office supplies, newspapers, industry-specific magazines, newspapers, and printed material. All of this information will be uncovered during an on-site waste audit. Using this information, Evergreen/Sunbright will work with clients to establish recycling goals. They will be able to establish missed recycling opportunities, which may be potential revenue streams. Along with this, they may discover better ways to prepare and transport other types of waste that are not recyclable, saving costs. 

Develop a waste management and recycle recovery program

This may entail setting up specific collection equipment or stations or adjusting the timing for the collection of certain specific materials. They will work with clients to provide several types of containers for staging material and to develop a service schedule that best works for the specifics of the situation. 

Evergreen/Sunbright will also help with establishing recovery targets and setting up a rebate program based on recyclable materials and recovery cadence. 

Set up a service schedule for waste streams

This is where the results from the waste audit, are used to help optimize the waste recovery goals of the company. With a map of the waste streams, Evergreen/Sunbright can work with all departments to ensure that collection schedules match the recovery goals of the company and integrate with existing day-to-day activities. Optimizing transportation schedules are a real opportunity to save costs and to engage with employees. 

Follow up to optimize the waste program

Here’s where a lot of companies fall down in terms of service. Evergreen/Sunbright, by contrast, maintains communication as one of their core values. Following up is a chance to understand what is going right and what still needs some adjustment. It’s a chance to re-assess the goals to see if they were realistic, too ambitious, or not ambitious enough. Evergreen/Sunbright can provide containers for waste and recycling. This equipment use is reviewed and it’s a chance to see if they have been properly deployed and to see if some additional training or education is required. 

Follow through to maximize recycle and recovery opportunities

Evergreen/Sunbright is in the business for the long term. They have been in business since 1996 and the waste and recycling industry has changed a lot since then. Situations can change and Evergreen is committed to making continuous improvement in their processes. They make it easy to get answers to any questions you may have and are readily available by phone or email. They are just as anxious to see their customers hit their targets for reduced waste costs as their customers are. That’s part of the reason they are the top in waste management and recycling in the Fort Worth/Dallas area. As part of their follow-through, Evergreen/Sunbright provides regular “Report Cards” on the progress against established goals. 

In addition, Evergreen/Sunbright maintains environmental certifications and is a member of the State of Texas Alliance for Recycling (STAR).  They also maintain their own truck fleet giving them better control over the trucking expenses associated with waste management. 

There are many reasons to consider Evergreen/Sunbright for your waste management needs.

  • They are the leading commercial and industrial recycling service provider in the Fort Worth/Dallas area, focusing on recycling and solid waste cost reduction programs!  
  • Evergreen/Sunbright is dedicated to designing programs that maximize your recycling revenue potential and reduce the cost of your solid waste.  
  • The company puts the customer’s needs first with timely, reliable service and cares about preserving our environment.  
  • Evergreen/Sunbright is a member of the State of Texas Alliance for Recycling (STAR) a 501c3 non-profit on a mission to advance recycling through partnerships, education, and advocacy for the benefit of Texas.

If it’s time for your company to do more in the way of waste management and recycling and you like what Evergreen/Sunbright has to offer, then now is the time to start making a difference. Start seeing the opportunities and benefits right away by scheduling a free audit.


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