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As a kid, momma used to always protest, “you can’t leave this dinner table until you eat every last green veggie on that plate!” You know, she was right. There’s something about the color green that restores life, vitality, and health.

Green veggies are good for the health and vitality for our bodies, but it’s equally as good for the health and vitality of our businesses! Getting more ‘green’ coming into and installed into your business translates into more black on your business’ bottom line and far less red.

Let’s explore a few of the ways that Evergreen Recycling delivers more green to businesses with recycling and industrial waste management solutions in Waco and Fort Worth, Texas. 

Cash for Trash with Evergreen Recycling

Right off the bat, Evergreen Recycling is the premiere recycling solution for businesses all across Waco and Fort Worth because we deliver the maximum amount of cash for your trash.

Companies buy recyclables every day of the week to manufacture new products. You may wonder why they would choose to use recycled products instead of virgin plastic pellets, granules, or new cardboard, for instance.

  • Cost Savings: In some cases, recycled materials can be less expensive than virgin materials, leading to cost savings in production.
  • Consumer Demand: Many consumers are becoming more environmentally conscious and prefer products made from recycled materials. Using recycled content is proving to be a strong marketing angle for companies.
  • Government Incentives: Businesses actually get incentives for using recycled goods in their manufacturing processes of new products. These incentives can take various forms, such as tax credits, grants, subsidies, or preferential treatment in government procurement. Additionally, some governments may impose regulations or standards that require a certain percentage of recycled content in specific products, thereby indirectly incentivizing companies to use recycled materials.

So, the question is, how much paper and plastic trash does your business produce every day, week, and month? Instead of filling up cans with all that trash, which ends up in landfills in many cases, recycle it! 

Evergreen Recycling can help you set up a recycling program that pays you for your paper and other recyclables! 

All Hands on Deck

Recycling is big business and it’s “all hands on deck” to reverse the pollution of the planet.

In fact, a 2020 REI Report delivers good information on recycling shows employment figures, wages, and tax income. From the report, we see that participating in recycling and material reuse not only creates job opportunities but also boosts local and state tax incomes. In 2012, recycling and reuse efforts in the United States yielded:

  • 681,000 employment positions
  • $37.8 billion in wages
  • $5.5 billion in tax revenues

This equates to 1.17 jobs for every 1,000 tons of recycled materials. Among all sectors, the ferrous metals industry made the most significant contributions in terms of jobs, wages, and tax revenue, followed by construction and demolition (C&D), as well as non-ferrous metals such as aluminum.

A Green Approach to Industrial Waste Management

Are you an industrial manufacturing company in Waco or Fort Worth looking for the best industrial waste management solution that actually helps you reach your ‘green’ goals of reducing your carbon footprint?

Let me first say that there’s a dirty little secret that most Fort Worth waste management companies don’t want you to know about.

You see, most of them own landfills!

That’s right, they take your trash and drop it right in landfills in OUR backyard. This is your problem too because instead of reducing your carbon footprint, you’re increasing it. This is also bad news because they throw away perfectly good recyclables that you could be earning money from and could be used to further the circular recycling efforts people and organizations around the world are working to strengthen.

And there’s a more immediate problem of landfills in Waco and Fort Worth – they destroy our land!

Landfills are the ugly reality of pollution. But they are more than the eye sore of our littered planet. They contaminate the soil and water, they stink like death. They spew greenhouse gas emissions into the air. They leak more pollutants into the environment and neighboring communities around them. They are the breeding grounds for all manner of vermin, mice, rats, roaches, racoons, and every other creepy crawler that we all love to hate. All of these problems with landfills hit us where it really hurts – our bank accounts! As a result of landfill pollution, property values plummet. That’s why we cannot afford to sit on the fence. We have to do our part to stop the growth and expansion of landfills.

So, for the sake of everything good, just call Evergreen Recycling for industrial waste management services that are safe.

You see, at Evergreen Recycling and Sunbright Recycling, we offer industrial waste management AND recycling services to businesses across Waco and Fort Worth, Texas. When we collect your waste, we extract all of the recyclables from your waste, recycle it, properly dispose of the waste, and send you a check for the recyclables we were able to sell on your behalf!

This is how our industrial waste management solutions put more green in your business.

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Evergreen Recycling helps you reach your goals of:

  • Reducing your carbon footprint
  • Maximizing your recycling efforts
  • Earning cash for your trash

That’s why our clients step out with their heads held high – they know they’re doing business cleaner and greener.

Fast Pickup Within 24-Hours with Evergreen Recycling

When your business calls for trash pickup, most industrial waste management companies drag their feet, arriving days after your call. This is a big problem for you because this trash attracts vermin. The trash pile creates an eye sore that your employees and, perhaps, the community, is stuck looking at, and rodents and pests are seeing your business location as a great place to live. Still, more importantly, delayed service can cause operational problems at a manufacturing or warehouse facility. Most industrial waste management companies are simply not accountable and show up on their schedule, not yours.

That’s another place where Evergreen Recycling beats the competition.

We offer 24-hour trash pickup. In other words, you call us on, say Monday, and we come and pick up your trash no later than Tuesday, and sometimes on the same day. That makes us the consistently fastest industrial waste management and Waco recycling center in town.


These are just a few of the ways that ‘green’ business is good business.

Are you ready to build your business recycling game-plan? For businesses located in the Fort Worth and Waco, Texas areas, Evergreen Recycling can help.

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