We come to you!

We can customize our services to fit your needs. We provide several types of containers (see below) to stage your material and develop a service schedule that meets your space and volume needs. All of our services include:

  • Signed receipts so customer can monitor volumes
  • Monthly volume reports
  • Monthly pricing letters identify market changes
  • Prompt payment schedule
  • Certified truck scale ensures proper weights

Did you know?

  • The energy saved by recycling 1 plastic bottle will power your computer for 25 minutes.
  • Incinerating 10,000 tons of waste creates 1 job, landfilling the same amount creates 6 jobs while recycling the same 10,000 tons creates 36 jobs.
  • If you lined up all the polystyrene foam cups made in just 1 day they would circle the earth.

*Sources: The Royal Society of Chemistry, Chemsoc.org.

Flatbed Trailer Service

  • Evergreen does all the loading
  • Scheduled or "on-call" service
  • No service charges
  • Highest rebate potential
  • Evergreen can provide bale wire
  • For all volume accounts
  • A variety of equipment options

Tractor Trailer Service

  • Loose or baled material
  • Permanently spotted or "live load" service
  • "Next-day/on-call" or scheduled service
  • Perfect for large or medium volume accounts
  • Evergreen can provide bale wire

Roll-Off Service

  • Variety of equipment/installation options
  • Scheduled or "on-call" service
  • Evergreen can charge directly for equipment/service or absorb all charges into rebate.

Evergreen’s Easy 1-2-3 Process

1. Contact Evergreen to discuss your plastics recycling needs.

2. Within 24 hours, we come to you to pickup your plastics.

3. Within 30 days, we pay you for the plastics.

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