Why us

  • We are the leading commercial and industrial recycling service provider in the Fort Worth/Dallas area, focusing on recycling and solid waste cost reduction programs!
  • Evergreen is a member of the Recycling Alliance of Texas.

We are a company that

  • Is dedicated to designing programs that maximize your recycling revenue potential and reduce the cost of your solid waste.
  • Puts our customers first with timely, reliable service and cares about preserving our environment.


your recycling revenue potential


the cost of your solid waste

Customers first

with timely, reliable service


about preserving our environment

Our History

  • Opened our doors in Fort Worth, Texas in October of 1996 (Evergreen Paper Recycling).
  • Expanded to Waco, Texas when we acquired Sunbright Paper Recycling in February 1999 (Sunbright Paper Recycling).
  • Entered the trash collection business in Waco in 2001 (Sunbright Disposal Services).
  • Grew again in January 2002 when we opened our Arlington, Texas brokerage office (Evergreen Fiber Sales).
  • Evergreen Disposal Services started in 2014.

Our People

Our sales staff is experienced with the type of expertise that can assist you in putting together the recycling program you need.
Our customer service people understand your service needs and will make it happen for you when you need it.

Our 3 Uniques

We Get it When You Want It

Your operation can run smoothly because we always pick you up when promised.

We Are Easy To Work With

Our sales and customer service people are easy to reach and ready to work for you. We also provide detailed reports on every aspect of your recycling program.

We Dig Deeper Into Your Wastestream

We are committed to working with you to find and recover all possible recyclables from your wastestream. We can save you money and choke the landfills at the same time.

What Would you like to recycle?

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Evergreen Disposal Services
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